General insurance is a one helps the folks to protect themselves and the precious things they value such as the homes, cars including the valuable things.


It is in the people’s hand to choose the best type of policy they need. In general, the working mechanism of insurance is a simple one. It is nothing but spreading the cost of the unexpected risks among the folks in the same region who share the similar risks.


The general insurance does not include any health or life insurance. When a person takes out an insurance policy; the folks either choose for the monthly or the annual premium. If anything goes wrong; the insurer may either repair or replace the things that have been lost or damaged which totally depends on the terms of the policy.

What are the common insurance terms?

The insurer is a one who provides the insurance cover particularly the insurance companies. The Policyholder is a one the concerned parties covered by the insurance. A policy is a written contract which is a legal one based on the insurance agreement. The premium amount should be paid by the policyholder periodically and it is calculated based on the expectation of the loss. The folks can also have the choice of receiving the amount of the concerned money agreed in the policy. The premium amount is nothing but a specified amount procured by the insurance company and the folks should pay periodically pay the amount in order to maintain the actual coverage of the insurance.

At the initial stage, the insurance companies examine the type of coverage including the location where the policyholder lives, the person’s job including the habits, medical condition, and the other major factors. Generally, the insurance companies offer a list of options when it comes to the concerned insurance premium amount. The folks can pay the insurance premium amount in the terms of the installment such as the monthly or the semiannual payments including the entire amount upfront before the coverage period starts. When it comes to the case of the life insurance such as the auto insurance, the annual insurance amount can be reduced by the terms of the no claim year. In Converse, the premium amount can be raised following a claim year. Read more

Auto Insurance is a one which is a general contract between the person and the insurance company that protects the person against the financial loss or in the event of the accident or theft. This type of insurance provides coverage for the property, liability, medical etc. The property is damage to the theft of the car; Liability is a one of a person’s legal responsibility to the others especially for the bodily injury or the property damage.

The Medical is a one which includes the cost of the treating injuries, rehabilitation and it also includes the lost wages and also the funeral expenses.

The real fact is that the auto insurance coverage is priced individually in order to customize the coverage amount to suit the needs and the budget. The real fact is that the policies are issued for the six months and also one-year time frames which are renewable one.

The concerned person in the insurance company sends a notice when the renewal time is neared and instructs the folks to pay the premium amount. Health Insurance is a one which covers the cost of a person’s medical and the surgical expenses. The medical costs do not remain the same it keeps on rising each and every year.

The Term insurance is a one which provides the coverage amount for a particular amount of time. There are two different ways where an individual can take the life insurance. The first one is the term insurance and the second one is the endowment insurance.


The term plans provide a pure life cover which means there is no any savings on app like uber and profit component. The policyholder has all the rights to catch the riders to the term plan by just increasing the utility of the policy, Usually, the folks select the riders which are based on the specific needs in order to make the life cover a more meaningful and suitable one.

The insurance companies offer many life covers; especially during the critical stages of a person’s life. There is a list of the innovative features offered by the insurance companies. The systematic investment plan is one offered by the fund houses to the investors and the frequency of the investment varies from weekly to the quarterly. It is a convenient way for the retailers in order to participate in the stock market growth.

There are several advantages of taking car insurance. It provides the benefit in case of death arising out of the accidents. At the same time, it also covers the repair cost of the vehicle repair due to the damage caused by the accident. The damages which are caused by other than the accident such as the theft fire etc. If any damage caused to the third party it can be claimed easily. Hence, it is said to be that it is an efficient tool that will protect each and everything concerned with the car.