The Caravan Insurance is a one where it can protect the caravan especially the belongings in the case when something goes wrong. Most of the policies last for about twelve months and the person can choose to either pay in monthly terms or the annual terms. Most of the caravan insurance types are optional one but at the same time, it also offers the valuable financial protection. There are three major types of caravan insurance such as touring caravan insurance, Static Caravan Insurance, and Folding Camper Insurance.

The Touring Caravan Insurance is a one which includes all typical features of the new-for-old and the European cover. In the static caravan insurance, the entire caravans are fixed in one location a great example is at the holiday parks. The folding camper insurance is a one which includes all the features about the new for old cover, the European cover, cover subjected to the weather damage and the cover for the year-round touring including the storage. There are many types of cover such as the family and friends cover, European cover, cover for the valuables and the awning, Storm damage over and the accidental damage cover.